When you’re ready for the trails, we’ve digested the many bike options for our local conditions. From durable 26” wheel bikes that handle rides to school, dirt roads and light trail duty, to 29” wheel full-suspension bikes that can stomp down the most challenging terrain on the planet, we have a bike for you. And for those that want the best of both worlds, new dual-sport models allow you straddle pavement, bike paths, and trails.

Mountain, Entry Level:
Featuring 26” wheels, these entry-level bikes handle neighborhoods, dirt roads, and the occasional off-road stomp with ease. Gentle pricing doesn’t hurt either. These bikes are equally comfortable as school or campus rides too.

Mountain, 27”-29”:
New larger wheel sizes have transformed mountain biking in the past few years. Equally suited for small or larger riders, these hard-tail and full-suspension bikes bring race technology off the track and to your local trail. Come ask us what bike would work best for you!

Mountain, Dual Sport:
Featuring fast 700c tires, capable suspension, strong aluminum frames and beefy wheel-sets, our dual-sport bikes allow you to have the best of both worlds. Trek’s DS series even features a cool front-fork suspension lockout mechanism, operated remotely from the handlebars.

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