In short, once we found Woodplay, there’s been no turning back. They’re simply the best wooden playsets on the market. And frankly, they’re built better than some of the houses we live in.

Built Better

Most importantly, Woodplay mills their own lumber to true construction-grade dimensions – their beams are really 4x4s and 4x6s, not the whittled-down versions found on the competitors sets. And you can see the difference; Woodplay’s sets just look big and substantial.  And if that’s not enough, they fasten all of the components with an incredible 3-way interlocking construction that ensures that the typical wear and tear that occurs on other company’s playsets is minimized.

Super Safe: Because saying “Safety first!” tends to go in one ear and out the other, Miller’s and Woodplay will ensure that your playset be as structurally safe while still providing as much play value as possible. The extended use of 4x4s and 4x6s ensure a rock-solid structure for years of aggressive use.

And we build your set like we would for own kids – with a consistent eye towards a perfectly built, safe, set and a wary eye of dangerous obstacles in your lawn. Our installers are full-time employees of Miller’s, and we often earn your trust for years to come, starting with your Woodplay playset. More Woodplay safety info can be found here.

Grow With You: At Miller’s, our first encounter with our customers is often when they’ve moved out of the City and into the ‘burbs. We work with our customers to choose a playset that will initially keep the smallest of monkeys safe atop the tower, while also challenging the older kids. But we also strive to ensure that your kids won’t be bored in a few years. Additional decks, towers, bridges can be added later and (link) add-ons can be chosen that will ensure that your kids have years of backyard fun and adventure. And YES, we can absolutely come up with a design that will fit your compact Larchmont yard!

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